Pecan Festival

Highlights of Luther Pecan Festival: Music

Bison Blinds

All that’s left are the memories and the pictures, including the memory of Luther’s Police Chief bringing down the house with his band on the  Luther Pecan Festival Music stage.

Chief David Randall’s band, On A Whim, and all of the musicians brought crowd pleasing tunes and astounding musicality to Main Street in Luther on November 17. The music stage was made possible by sponsorships from Olsen Orthopedics and Opus Entertainment.

Special thanks to Josh and Stephanie Smith of Opus for the hosting and excellent work in making sure the sound spread throughout the festival. From providing microphones, amps, speakers and all of the other details that help make the music happen, Josh did an amazing job all day, coming on scene before the sun came up on Festival Day, and stayed when until after the sun went down packing it all up. Also special thanks to Steve and Sheila Farmer for providing the stage, McCray Farms for straw bale seating and Tres Suenos Winery for tables and chairs.

Special thanks to our musicians: Parachute, Mad Honey, On A Whim, Kyle Reid, Ella Winton, Red Grass String Band and Brooding.

Enjoy the pictures from Jacob Factor and Anthony Ball.

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