“Only Having Fun,” Luther Driver Faces Slew of Charges

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A Luther man’s claim that he was “only having fun” while allegedly driving recklessly at the elementary school and leading police on a chase has resulted in a slew of charges, and a trip to jail.

Details are in regarding the arrest last Friday of Jonathan Link, 40. The November 16 incident began just before 8 am on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. According to a report from the Luther Police Department, Link drove his pickup “in a reckless manner” through the student drop off portion of the parking lot at the elementary. Elementary principal Tracey Davenport told police she immediately ordered teachers to get the children inside as a safety precaution, and the driver appeared to be confused and poissbly under the influence of an unknown substance.

Police Chief David Randall pursued the Ford pickup east on 178th to Dobbs when they turned North, and then didn’t stop when Link entered westbound 66. The pursuit ended near the Dollar General at 19250 SH 66.

Link led police on a chase that began at the elementary school parking lot and ended at the Dollar General.

By this time, Officer Blaine Lander was on the scene and documented what happened next in his report on the incident.

I heard the engine of Link’s vehicle start and noticed the vehicle start moving. Chief Randall and I ran up to the driver door and gave a verbal order for Link to turn off the engine. Link replied, “I was only having fun,” and then attempted to reach to the center console for an unknown object within the vehicle. I gave a verbal order to Link to step out of the vehicle at which time he refused and kept trying to grab something inside the cab of the vehicle. Chief Randall and I attempted to take Link into custody at this time. Link then became combative and attempted to resist arrest by flailing his arms and refusing to comply with officer’s commands. Link was assisted to the ground where he continued to resist arrest and began yelling verbal threats toward law enforcement. After a brief struggle, Link was placed into handcuffs double-locked.”

The report said when the vehicle was impounded a small bottle of unknown alcoholic beverage was located in the driver’s door of the vehicle, and a large hunting knife was in the center console.

Link continued to be combative, causing a laceration to an EMT’s hand and an injury to the chief’s hand. While being remanded to the Oklahoma County jail, driving on the Turner Turnpike at about I-35, Lander’s report says that Link “started violently slamming his head into the cage (of the patrol unit). I then noticed blood all over the cage and that Link had busted his head open.” Officer Lander then took the suspect to Integris Baptist Medical Center and Link received five stitches to his forehead and was cleared for incarceration.

Link was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on charges of: reckless driving, disobeying traffic control device, limitations on driving left of center of roadway, failure to yield to emergency vehicles, operating a motor vehicle without a current driver’s license, driving under the influence, transporting open container of alcohol, eluding peace officer, obstruction of public officer, resistance to executive officer’s performance of duty, assault and battery upon law enforcement, assault and battery upon emergency medical care provider.

Link is no longer in custody.

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