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Mary Peters of Naanii's Five Acre Farm.

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You don’t have to smell like an old goat to appreciate the line of creamy, aromatic soaps whipped up in Mary Peters’ kitchen. As the owner of Naanii’s Five Acre Farm northwest of Luther, Peters may be a newcomer to the skincare business, but she’s garnered a loyal following.

“I make hundreds of bars of soap,” Peters says. “When friends stop by, they always say my house smells wonderful!”

It’s no wonder. When Peters isn’t making soap or spending her days at Luther Public Schools, she’s busy tending her beloved Nigerian Dwarf goats, plus two recently acquired Lamanchas. The goats provide a steady supply of milk, the critical ingredient for Peters’ handcrafted soaps, lotions, and shaving creams.

“Goat milk has higher protein, which makes it much creamier than cow’s milk,” she explains. The result is a silky, less drying product that feels wonderful on the skin.

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Peters’ line also includes beard balms and bath salts and have aromatic essential oils, plus assorted organically grown flowers and herbs from her garden. Because she is an experienced jelly maker, Peters says making soap came naturally to her. The animal husbandry required, not so much.

“I’m terrified of large animals,” Peters says. “That’s why I started with little goats. I knew it would be easier for me to wrangle them by myself.”

Despite her initial apprehension, she found the goats’ sweet, docile nature easy to love. “They’re my pets,” she admits. “They are wonderful, sweet, awesome animals.”

She taught herself how to milk by watching online tutorials and has become an expert milkmaid. The goats provide roughly a half-quart of milk daily, she says. With all that creamy goodness, why doesn’t she make cheese?

“If decided if I’m going to sell something, it better not be something I can eat,” Peters adds.

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