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Nature inspires Lindy Jerlow

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At Luther’s 116 Farmstead Market & Table, diner’s eyes quickly alight on the colorful paintings and mixed media art lining the walls. When asked if the artists are local, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.” Prominent among the work of Luther’s creatives are the dramatic figurative paintings of Lindy Jerlow.

Art by Lindy Jerlow at 116 Farmstead Markey & Table

Jerlow, who escaped city life for the woods north of Luther in 2012, says the visibility of her work locally opened a big door for her career-wise. Since the restaurant’s opening in 2016, she has sold several paintings. Jerlow also produces art on commission, a challenge she finds uniquely inspiring. “There’s something intriguing about the relationship of commissioned art,” she explains. “Whatever the subject matter, it’s important to me that the work I do feels significant to who receives it.”

Drawn to art from the time she was young, Jerlow was discouraged from choosing the artist’s life as a profession. “But I couldn’t help myself,” she admits. “I just couldn’t stay away from it.”

One year from graduating from UCO with a degree in psychology, Jerlow felt the nudge of her insistent muse. “I was miserable,” she says. “Every day on my way to class, I would walk by the art building, just so I could look in the windows.”

Unable to ignore her calling, the young creative made a life altering decision. “I decided to stop what I was doing and immerse myself in art classes for a year. Of course, I loved it,” she says. 

The Jerlow Family

She eventually graduated with a general education degree that she puts to good use teaching art through her local home school co-op. When she’s not busy being a wife and mother to four young children, Jerlow continues to hone her skills through the Classical School of Art in Edmond. Prior to that, she studied for three years with Oklahoma artist Bert Seabourn, who remains her most significant influence.

A student of life as well as art, Jerlow draws inspiration for her evocative paintings from the blue sky, native wildflowers, and long, meditative walks in the woods. “I find there is something renewing about being in nature—and that’s something no one teaches you in art class,” she exclaims.

Browse Jerlow’s artwork at the Luther Pecan Festival or view it on Instagram. She can also be reached at 405-496-1881 or email No space for an original painting? Jerlow’s art also makes an awesome t-shirt! Buy one at Urban 66 on Main Street in Luther.

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