Seniors Recognized at Last Home Football Game

Third quarter stall helps cost Lions game

The Lions scored in the first eleven second of the Senior Night game October 26 against the Chisholm Longhorns, but that would be the only touchdown for the team the whole night.

It was fitting that senior defensive lineman Jackson Brown led the Lions in tackles with 16. One of those tackles was a fourth down tackle at the goal-line to stop the Longhorns from scoring. Other senior defensive lineman, Ryan Leftwich and Joey Mitchell, also stepped up for multiple big tackles, and each had tackles for loss.

The game started off right for the Lions; they kicked off and recovered it themselves. Coleman Stastny made the recovery and ran to the 20 yard line before being tackled. The Lions immediately followed that with a 20-yard touchdown play. Quarterback Peyton Wilson pitched to Drew Scheer who threw a 20-yard pass to Tyler Becker in the endzone.

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For most of the remaining time in the first half, neither team managed to get even close to the endzone.
In the second quarter, Scheer had a 24-yard pass, but the Lions got nowhere after and turned the ball over.
The Longhorns drove downfield all the way to within a yard of the endzone, but for great stops from the Lions defense, including the big fourth down tackle from Brown, kept the Longhorns from scoring.

However, right after that, Wilson was tackled in the endzone for a Longhorn safety. Injured in the tackle, the junior quarterback spent the rest of the game on the sideline with crutches.

To start the third quarter, it was the Longhorns turn to recover their own kickoff, and they soon scored a touchdown.

Scheer, at quarterback, threw a 41-yard pass to Becker, and one of his punts landed at the ten-yard line.
Stastny also had a good 15-yard pass catch before the game was over. The Longhorns scored twice more before the game ended, making the final score 24-6.

The Lions play their last game at Oklahoma Christian School on Nov 2. Earlier in the day, the Lions cheer team will compete for the first time in the OSSAA Game Day Competition at Yukon High School.

The cheer team will showcase their routine October 29 from 6 pm to 7 pm at the gym.

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