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Logan County Voters to Decide on Ambulance Service

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Voters who live way up north of Luther in Logan County will decide on a measure to bring ambulance service to the county, even in the far southeast corner, north of Luther, an area beset by poor road conditions and a lack of accurate residential mapping.

The Logan County Commissioners approved the measure to go to a vote of the people in August. Read more about it here.

County Question


“Shall an Emergency Medical Service District be formed embracing the area of Logan County, Oklahoma contained with the boundaries of Covington-Douglas Independent School District … Mulhall-Orlando Independent School District … Coyle Independent School District … Perkins-Tryon Independent School District … Luther Independent School District … and Wellston Independent School District situated in Logan County, Oklahoma for the purpose of providing ambulance services for residents of said district and shall a special annual recurring ad valorem tax levy of three (3) mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of all taxable property in the district be levied to provide funds for the purpose of support, organization, operation and maintenance of district ambulance services?” reads the proposition on the November 6, 2018, ballot.

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No word yet on how the service would be provided for residents in this part of Logan County. The Luther Register will pursue more information about the measure.

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