October Surprise Tornado Scare

Slight damage to area

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Even though it wasn’t a drill at Luther Public Schools today, many of the students didn’t know the difference as they all adhered to tornado precautions during Tuesday morning’s freak tornado warning about 8:45 am.

Meanwhile in town, the Luther Police Department and Emergency Management Service sprang into action as the sirens blared.

The Luther Register caught some of the storm via FB Live.

Thankfully, there was no significant damage to the Luther area except for some falling limbs, debris, wind damage and at least one tree on a vehicle.

October weather, photo provided by LPD
Yes, it was empty! Photo provided by LPD.
Unfortunately, part of the October storm damage

Luther Public Schools and Apple Creek Day Care posted their tornado procedures were spot on; and that was welcome news after the surprising weather for an October morning, even for Oklahoma.




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