Car Wreck on I-40 claims Luther Mom

Family and Friends of Angela Peters Winchester mourn

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Surprise and shock spread through Luther Sunday after news that a fatality car accident at I-40 in Midwest City claimed the life of a Luther mom.

She was a dear friend. She was a doting mother who cheered on her daughter’s Luther Lions softball team at every game and adored her son. She was a friendly face at her job.

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On Sunday morning, reports say Angela Winchester, 41, was driving with her mother and daughter in Midwest City along I-40 when a speeding car careened into her vehicle. She didn’t make it. Her mother is critically injured and her daughter suffered some injuries as well.

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As we learn more information about the tragedy, and how we can help the family, we will share it.

The Luther First Christian Church posted Sunday evening that it will host a community-wide Hour of Prayer for the community and its recent tragedies next Saturday, September 29, from 10 – 11 am.

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