Lions Fall in First District Game

Homecoming Activities Rescheduled for October 5

The Luther Lions had a rough night at Wilson Field, losing their first district game to the Newkirk Tigers 34-12. Rain in the forecast forced the rescheduling of many high school games around the state, but this game went on as scheduled. Torrential rain all day made for a muddy field, and a rescheduling of Homecoming activities for the next home game against Hennessey on October 5.

Luther Lions Football Gerald McCauley
Receiver Gerald McCauley scored the first touchdown on a tipped catch.


The Tigers started out with a very early lead, scoring in the first play after kickoff. The Lions offense had some trouble making it downfield in the first quarter, not getting a single first down until the last minute. The defense on the other hand had a solid first quarter.

Defensive back Jake Lombard make the first tackle for the Lions. Linebacker DJ Scott, Jr., followed with another tackle, and defensive back Coleman Stastny forced a fumble out of the Tigers running back.

Luther Lions Football Gus Sumner
Defensive tackle Gus Sumner led the team in tackles.
Luther Lions Football Drew Scheer
Quarterback Drew Scheer looking for an open receiver

During the Tigers’ next possession, linebacker Colbey Chartney made two tackles for losses.
About halfway through the first quarter, Drew Scheer was lined up for a punt, but the Tigers blocked and recovered it in the endzone for a touchdown. The Lions’ following possession, a fumble, was recovered by the Tigers and run in for a touchdown.

Luther Lions Coleman Stastny
 Coleman Statsny

The Lions finally had luck on offense in their last possession of the quarter, with two carries from Reed Wilson and a quarterback keeper from Drew Scheer for a first down.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Lions made the best play of the night. Scheer threw to receiver Stastny, who barely got his fingertips on it before a group of Tigers ambushed him, but that tip was enough to put it into receiver Gerald McCauley’s hands. And he ran it in for a 53 yard touchdown.

For the night, Defensive tackle Gus Sumner led the Lions in tackles with seven. On the return in the third quarter, McCauley made an impressive return to the 50 yard line, and Scheer had a 28-yard carry after that.

Luther Lions Football Jackson Brown

Luther Lions Cole Stastny
Stastny making a tackle

In the fourth quarter, defensive back Braden Browning caught an interception in the Tigers’ end zone. The game ended with score of Lions 12, and the Tigers 34.

By game time, the heavy rain had diminished to a drizzle and stopped by half-time. The Lion crowd in their rain gear were treated to this sunset view as the clouds broke.

Wilson Field
Sunset over Wilson Field after a rainy day, photo by Sheila Harp

Next week, the Lions Centennial High School on THURSDAY at Douglass High School in Oklahoma City.

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