WEEK THREE: First Home Game

Big plays weren't enough to beat Prague

The fans packed the stands at Wilson Field for the Luther Lions first home football game of 2018. As the action began, the visiting Prague Red Devils got an early lead in the first quarter and kept it the whole game, but some big plays from offense and defense show promise for the young Lions.

Luther Lions' Gerald McCauley
Gerald McCauley makes a tackle for the Lions
Luther Lions football
Peyton Wilson with a throw

The Lions offense had trouble getting downfield in the first quarter. Quarterback Peyton Wilson made a seven yard pass to receiver Drew Scheer, for a big play. In the second quarter the Lions’ passing game was much better. Scheer caught a 30 yard pass and Reed Wilson caught a 13 yarder right after that. They turned the ball over soon after and good defense during the Devils’ possession the Lions from scoring.

Lombard and Chartney with the tackle

Defensive lineman Joey Mitchell sacked the ball carrier in the backfield for a big loss. This was one of two sacks made by Mitchell. Defensive back Jake Lombard also contributed with a tackle.

Back on offense, Coleman Stastny made good work a long pass, and another pass to Scheer brought the Lions to the goal line. However, four consecutive dropped passes kept the Lions from scoring.

Luther Lions football
Cole Statsny returning a kickoff
Luther Lions Football
Drew Scheer dodges a tackle

In the Lions’ first possession in the third quarter, Stastny had another set of passes, one for 25 yards, to put the Lions back at the goal line, but a fumble turned the ball over the the Devils. The Lions defense held the Devils in their place, and a botched punt kept them on the Devils’ side of the 50 yard line.

The Lions offense got nowhere, but an outstanding punt from Scheer put the ball at the five yard line. Right after that, though, the Devils scored a 95 yard touchdown. Reed Wilson countered that with a touchdown of his own for the Lions, jumping into the end zone to seal the deal. Peyton Wilson helped him get there with a 30 yard qb carry.

Luther Lions football
McCauley and Wilson on D.

In the last few minutes of the third quarter, the Devils intercepted a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. The fourth quarter was looking uneventful, until Peyton Wilson ran a ten yard carry, and a hard tackle left him laying on the field injured with a possible concussion.

Final score, 22-8.
District play begins next week against Newkirk for the Homecoming game.

Luther Lions football
First home game 2018

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