Season Opener, Luther Softball

Bison Blinds

by Jacob Factor, The Lion Reporter

The storm that blew through much of Oklahoma Tuesday caused a rain delay but left a pleasant 80-degree temperature for the Lady Lions Fastpitch home season-opener against the Crescent Tigers under Head Coach Kayla Radke. 

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It was a rollercoaster of a game; ultimately the Lions couldn’t keep up with the Tigers and went down with a 13-point deficit.

Sophomore Sarah Bolner pitched a quick first inning, letting only two runs in before shortstop Sydney Jones threw the third out at first. Jones was then first up to bat for the Lions, hitting a grounder to third for a single. Kinlee Jones sent a hard fly out in between center and right field, allowing S Jones to run home and getting a double for herself.

The next three batters –  Kennedy Cox, Kacie Bolner and Brielle Whittaker hit infield grounders and got out, but K Jones was able to make it home to end the first inning at a 2-2 tie.

In the second inning, the Tigers’ batter hit a hard grounder past second base Lindsay Kuhlman, who redeemed herself by throwing the runner out at third. The Crescent Tigers only scored one run in the second.

For the Lions at bat, S Bolner smacked it straight to the Tigers’ pitcher who was unable to catch it. S Jones hit a hard fly to right field for a double and secured Kuhlman’s chance to make it home for the Lions only run of the inning to keep the score at a tie, 3-3.

It was three up, three down for the Tigers at bat in the third inning. S Bolner struck out the first batter; K Jones made an impressive jump-catch in centerfield; and first base Hannah Trenary caught a popped ball to get the third out.

Sarah Bolner pitching

Kuhlman hit a hard grounder to center field as the Lions’ only hit of the inning, but they couldn’t get any runs in, keeping the score at 3-3.  As catcher, K Bolner recovered a wild ball and ran to tag a Tiger runner out at home, keeping the Tigers’ runs in the fourth inning to two. Up to bat in the fourth, K Jones drove one out to the fence for a triple, and let S Jones go home for the Lions only run of the inning.

Not much happened in the fifth inning, the Lions kept the Tigers from scoring. The Tigers did the same.

The Lions’ fielding went downhill in the sixth inning. Eleven Tigers went to the plate before the third out, and they made seven runs. S Bolner only walked one of those batters, but they kept hitting to the outfield. Gracie Tytenciz pitched the end of the inning for the last out. 

It was three up, three down for the Lions at bat again, with S Bolner popping to second and Trenary and Tytenciz striking out. K Bolner at catcher made another good tag at home for the first out, and Trenary at first made a good stop of a grounder to get the second out. K Jones in center caught a good fly to end the inning.

And another repeat from the sixth inning, Lions at bat had another three up, three down. S Jones, K Jones and Cox all hit grounders; but the Tigers had a double play to end the game at 17 – 4.

The Lady Lions will be in Cashion’s tournament this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and will play at Meeker next Monday at 4:30 p.m. 

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