78 Years of Love, and a random act of kindness

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Bill and Frances Weger, formerly of Lawton, celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary on August 3. They began their celebration with a late breakfast at The 116 Farmstead, Market & Table restaurant in Luther, joined by family members Bill and Kay Weger and Courtney Cantrell.

When paying the tab, the Wegers were surprised to learn that Bill and Frances’ breakfasts had been paid for by two ladies at the neighboring table. They had overheard discussion of the 78th anniversary.

“What a kind act!!  The Wegers wish to thank the ladies for their generosity and kindness.”

Luther residents Frances, 96, and Bill, 98, have been married 78 years!
Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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  1. Wishing Bill and Frances the Happiest of Anniversary Blessings! What a picture of love!

    Sheila Hutton

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