Finding a niche in the tornado market

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In entrepreneurial news, turn your attention to Billy Jeffries. He and his wife, Michelle, have founded Shelter Alert, LLC of Oklahoma. The concept is simple but brilliant when it comes to bringing some peace of mind during storm season, and practical help for homeowners and emergency crews.

Billy’s former work in the utility industry first gave him the idea that such a product was needed. Working in Moore after one of the tornadoes, with neighborhoods ripped apart and technology down, Billy noted that first responders lost valuable time searching for victims. Did this home have a shelter? Was it above ground or below ground? It was hard to tell. The problem stuck with him.

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Those nagging problems sometimes turn into ideas and solutions. Billy stuck with it. He floated the idea, had some professionals look into it, and found no one else was offering what he thought he could offer. He got a copyright and a business plan.  Then came a prototype, and another one, and finally it was time to manufacture the Shelter Alert decals. They glow in the dark, are stormproof and can provide a lifeline for a family trapped after a tornado. Shelter Alert was born and now the marketing and selling begins. The market couldn’t be more perfect than in Central Oklahoma, where we Okies are some of the most educated and prepared when it comes to weathering the tornado season. A Shelter Alert is one more way to prepare. Of course, it starts here at home, but there is potential for Shelter Alert to grow all along tornado alley and beyond. And it all started here.

Our Shelter Alert© decals give first responders advanced notice of where to find you should you or a loved one be in the path of destruction.  We offer above and below-ground Shelter Alert© decals. Our decals are heavy duty, highly reflective, and can be attached to your curb, brick mailbox, or by using a yard stake driven into the ground. Visit Shelter Alert’s website, here. 

Billy will install your Shelter Alert at your curbside, gate or driveway and provide a registration number to every customer with your local fire/rescue department. They will also keep information in the Shelter Alert database.

Most of us know the Jeffries from DJ’s BBQ in Luther where they will continue to serve hungry customers. Many of us can relate to having a side hustle business (or two), Billy is launching Shelter Alert to give his good idea a chance to succeed, and honestly, to help others. The alerts are $20 and you can find them on a Facebook page, website or let the tantalizing aroma of smoked meat lead you to DJ’s on Ash by the tracks. You could get a rack of ribs, and hook up for a Shelter Alert decal for you and a neighbor or loved one.


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