Farmer’s Market Saturday

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Under the trees behind Josephine’s Cafe off Main Street in Luther, local veggie growers and goat’s milk soap crafters will gather for the second round of Josephine’s Farmer’s Market. Thunderstorms couldn’t stop the first offering of the market on June 23, when Melissa McRay brought vegetables from her prolific garden. She sold out.

Part of the draw of a Farmer’s Market is not only to get fresh produce from local farmers and gardeners, but it’s also to learn, talk about gardens and swap ideas for how to get your cucumber vines to climb or keep the turtles away from the green bean plants.

Luther Pecan Festival Luther Pecan Festival

The market starts at 8am Saturday and will go until everyone sells out, or about 1 pm, whichever comes first. A few more neighbors will join Melissa today, including Naani’s Five Acre Farm with some goat’s milk soap.

Arcadia’s Farmer’s Market is about a month old this week and is also growing. Wellston will have its Farm and Craft Market on July 7.


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