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Have you dumped your standing water around your house after the rain? Are you spending time outside in the “mosquito hours” around dark? Are you getting attacked by insects on your blackberry and sandplum picking excursions to the deep woods?

It’s summer time. The Oklahoma City County Health Department is out with a news release on Friday saying the current mosquito risk is low, but still alerts that “higher temperatures mean that we could have more mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus ahead.”

Skeeter Meter – the number is 1.5
Moderately low temps
Very low mosquitos
Moderately low infection rate
Very low complaints
No human cases
Higher next week for sure as the temps increase.

The City-County Health Department advises to use mosquito repellent containing DEET. Do you use DEET? A quick internet search brings up all manner of articles and studies (know your sources) about the chemical that is described as “very effective” at repelling mosquitos. There are also several botancial-based repellents on the market, and several recipes to make home-made repellent for ourselves and our pets that include ingredients in our households such as essential oils, witch hazel or vinegar.

Although the City-County Health Department says no human cases of West Nile Virus have been reported this season, “our mosquito traps located across the county, including in Eastern Oklahoma County & Edmond, have netted some positive mosquitoes carrying the virus. That’s as specific as we can get,” said Ken Johnson, media relations coordinator.

He said last year, there were five cases with some patients being hospitalized for weeks with West Nile.

What is your go-to remedy for mosquito repellent?

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