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It might be safe to say the hardest working folks in the state of Oklahoma today are employed by the election system. From precinct workers to county secretaries to the staff at the State Office, they’ve had a busy day.

Bryan Dean of the Oklahoma State Election Board called us back when The Luther Register queried about some chatter on Facebook about whether some voters were not receiving their non-partisan ballot, the ballot that includes SQ 788, on the medical marijuana issue.

Dean said there were some instances early today where there were reports like that, but nothing was widespread and was quickly remedied. He emphasized if there is a problem, that one should contact their county election board immediately. And if someone doesn’t get all of the ballots, be sure to ask for them.

Dean emphasized that poll workers across the state have a median age of about 70 years, and said younger generations are not signing up for the job that comes with much training and responsibility for the pay. “They do it out of civic duty,” he said.

He said Election Days always bring some surprises. For example, he said in Tulsa a poll worker’s key wouldn’t work this morning to the place of voting. So they improvised and allowed voters to cast ballots into the machine that was in the back of a pickup until they could get in the building.

Some say voting is a right. Some say it is a privilege. Isn’t it both?

The polls close at 7pm. 

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