Farmer’s Market at Josephine’s Cafe

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How does your garden grow? This time of year the chitchat with neighbors comes with questions like, “Your tomatoes coming in?” or “What are you doing about squash bugs this year?” There’s also talk about rain or lack of it, and the unusual weather of winter-spring that put many gardens behind. But for those whose garden is coming in, there’s an opportunity to sell your fresh local produce in Luther beginning this Saturday. And also an opportunity for the rest of us to buy it. In addition, crafters and bakers are welcome to put in a booth at Josephine’s Farmer’s Market.

The site of Josephine’s Farmer’s Market making its debut Saturday June 23 at 8 am.

You’ll find this new community offering in the shady grassy lot between to the east of Josephine’s Cafe, in a lot that used to feature a dilapidated house and was a known skunk and stray cat habitat. Although the house was once a home, years of neglect forced The Town of Luther to pay to demolish the house back in January. Scherrie Pidcock, owner of Josephine’s is renting the now-empty lot next to her restaurant from the owner.

Pidcock said she’ll launch the Farmer’s Market this Saturday, June 23, if she gets just six vendors to sign up. Contact her for the application and details, at 405-650-7974, or group of volunteers is helping by coming up with application guidelines, logistics help and a vision statement to guide the growing enterprise. The cafe has been a Luther mainstay and this is an extension of what they do to serve a community, gather neighbors together and show hospitality to visitors and travelers.

The Luther Farmer’s Market is the third that has sprung up along Highway 66 this summer. Wedged between Arcadia and Wellston’s Farmer’s Markets, there is room for all with a growing market of consumers hungry for local, fresh and nutritious food.
With interest and support, Josephine’s Farmer’s Market will open Saturday, June 23 and run every week through October. The hours are 8 am – 1 pm.

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  1. Have you thought about adding classified ads similar to a craigslist…for the Luther register?? I think it would be great and you could make money on the listings. People need to be able connect these days outside of soscial media giants

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