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EDITOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to the Class of 2018. As we wind down the busy season of graduations, we are highlighting some of the words shared on stages – some from graduates and some from adults. These words show wisdom beyond years, hope beyond cynicism, faith past understanding … and some laughs too. The words will echo Mother Teresa, Barry Gunn and Tim McGraw. They are words tapped out on phones, pounded on laptops or written with a pencil on a yellow pad (nah!). They are words written in a coffee shop or late at night, maybe through some tears, edited by a teacher. They are words that deserve some limelight. We readers won’t regret it because the words are for all of us – young and old, grads or not, looking ahead or looking back. Enjoy.

Graduates, if you go far, come back and see us. If you stay home, lead us. Be our neighbor and keep us updated with maybe some new hashtags or whatever is fresh. Luther needs you. The world needs you. 

The Graduate: Nydra Mclaughlin

  • Valedictorian
  • Homecoming Queen
  • Manager, LHS Football Team
  • Obtaining CNA degree
  • Scholarship to University of Central Oklahoma to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant
  • Plans to join US Air Force
  • Daughter of Aran Mclaughlin

The speech

Good evening friends and family, thank you for coming tonight. I would like to start by giving a big congratulations to the Luther faculty that managed to survive the class of 2018. I’d like to acknowledge that you deserve a raise even if the state doesn’t. I would also like to congratulate my fellow classmates on surviving high school without eating any Tide Pods. I know it was a tough road, but I’m proud of everyone for staying strong. This past year was hard on us due to the contagious condition of senioritis going around. I have been personally victimized by this condition, but the good news is that my classmates and I are graduating with no major consequences. However, I do have to apologize for taking front row parking at the high school and never using it.

We have changed a lot in high school. For our physical changes we owe puberty a giant thank you. I wish puberty had been as great to all of us as it was to Devin Bean. Our perspective on life has also changed. For me I used to think the world would end if I didn’t make an A on everything and now I am fully aware that C’s get degrees too. Throughout high school, we evolved from whipping teenagers to hitting the folks adults. For those that need clarification I just referenced dance moves, we did not whip teenagers or hit our folks.

We are no longer young, dumb, and broke high school kids, but rather young, dumb, and broke adults. The only real difference is that we are allowed to make our own choices without supervision. So to my fellow classmates, please don’t leave this auditorium tonight thinking you’re going to skim through life without bumps in the road, because the real world won’t hesitate to smack you back to reality. Here are a few things I feel you should all know, Adulting really does stink. Eight hours of sleep is not a minimum, but rather a maximum. Sometimes you really do have to rob Peter to pay Paul. You will have to work a lot of crappy jobs before you will get the one you love. And most importantly your parents really do want you to move out; do not let them lie to you.

With those encouraging words, I want to remind all of you to find happiness. Happiness is what makes all of this worth it. Whatever you have to do to make yourself happy, find it. Don’t forget that people will not remember the brand of clothes you wore or the type of car you drove, but rather they will remember the type of person you were. As best put by Tim McGraw, “always stay humble and kind”. I wish you all the best of luck in life because, trust me, I think we will need it.

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