Dispute between neighbors lands one in jail

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A neighbors’ dispute over a dog erupted into gunfire and a neighbor going to the Logan County jail. The alleged incident happened on Thursday, May 3, 2018, in the Logan County portion of Luther on Charter Oak Road between Luther Road and Dobbs.

According to Logan County Sheriff’s reports, Jane Martin, 69, aimed a gun at her neighbor because the neighbor’s dog was approaching her property. The neighbors share a property line. The sheriff’s report said that Martin said the dog had killed her dog eleven years ago.

Neighboring properties both have No Trespassing signs posted.
The neighbors share a property line have separate driveways with a barbed wire fence and tree line between.

The argument escalated all the way up the adjacent driveways, Martin allegedly shot a .380 Ruger three times, according to the incident report. The victim told authorties she felt the bullet “pass just above her head,” the report said.

Martin was arrested and has been charged with one felony count of Shooting With Intent to Kill, a crime that brings a minimum punishment of two years to life. Her bond was initially set at $500,000, but was reduced on Tuesday to $25,000 after her lawyer’s appearance, according to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. Martin is ordered to not come into contact with her neighbors, and the weapons on her property were ordered to be removed before she bonded out of jail and returned home, according to OSCN.

Incidentally, EMSA was called to the scene initially after the victim’s husband  reported she had suffered a seizure. The Logan County Sheriff’s Office Radio Log Record said the call came in at 19:33. At 19:35 Guthrie advised is was not their area, but in Cashion (west of the county). At 19:45 the addressed was confirmed “out by Luther.”

EMSA was then cancelled at 20:14, according to the log. Incidentally, the ambulance rolled up to another residence almost a mile past the address at 20:00, looking for the reporting party. Neighbors who saw the ambulance on the road began calling each other to check on each other’s welfare, and wondering who needed help.

Martin has another court appearance in June.

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