FBI Searches for Flanigan

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Kristian Flanigan, photo provided by Town of Luther

Luther Police Chief David Randall says it appears numbers are down at school today as classes resumed after Spring Break under a cloud of a threat made against the high school, and he answered lots of questions from parents and teachers during dropoff. Randall said the student, identified as Kristian Flanigan, used SnapChat to say he wanted to “shoot up the school.

Superintendent Barry Gunn said sometimes it’s a slow trickle in after break. “LPD, OHP, and Arcadia have done a great job today. Honestly have never felt more safe,” he said.

The FBI has been searching for Flanigan since the threats were discovered early Friday morning. Randall said authorities have “pinged” the phone in the Tulsa area, where the phone remains. He said, the phone, however, is a trac-phone style and cannot provide an exact location so authorities are searching in a perimeter of the ping.

It was first thought that two suspects were involved, but Chief Randall said the other suspect has been cleared. “The other person’s number was accidentally transposed by headquarters. They spoke with him and the family and realized he had nothing to do with it after through his phone.”

Randall said officers will remain at the school today, as the search continues for Flanigan. He also said he will work on filing charges against the 18-year-old suspect for making “terrorist threats.”

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Gunn said students’ absences will be excused today if parents call the school.


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