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UPDATE: Submitted by Luther Police Department, the following are two reports – a narrative and a numbers report of LPD activity for the month. 

The Luther Police Department reported the following reports to the Town Board of Trustees at its March 2018 meeting. Compared to January numbers, LPD had a significantly busier month. Although the number of tickets written was down from 90 written in January and only 62 written in February,  the police department ran on almost 300 calls in February compared to 165 the month before. March numbers will be expected for the April Trustee meeting.

In other LPD news, the Town Trustees hired Luther native Chris Tate as a part-time police officer. He was hired at the Board’s Special Meeting on March 22.

Luther Police Department
Chief David Randall
Monthly Report

From: Chief David Randall Date: 02-28-18


On 02/01/2018, Officer Blackwell was dispatched to a call in reference to Animal Bites located at 316 N. Cedar where a victim was attacked by a dog. Victim was treated by medical facility and dog was taken into custody for observation

On 02/03/2018, Officer Walker observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was learned that the driver was operating a motor vehicle under suspension. It was also learned that the driver was in possession of Marijuana. Subject was taken into custody.

On 02/13/2018, Chief Randall, Officers Walker and Lander, was dispatched to 21451 N Triple X Road in reference to a person suffering with a cardiac arrest. During this time, the Fire Department and EMS attempted to use life saving measures could not revive the victim.

On 02/13/2018, Officer Lander observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Upon stopping the vehicle, Officer Lander smelled the pungent odor of Marijuana emitting from the vehicle. During the investigation, evidence of marijuana was observed in plain view on the driver of the vehicle. When the subject was taken into custody, a loaded firearm was also found.

On 02/14/2018, Chief Randall received information of a burglary that occurred around the intersection of 178th and N. Dobbs Road. During this investigation, Chief Randall was contacted by Detective Stover of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office about a subject, who was arrested on unrelated charges, confessed to the burglary. Chief Randall located the property, located at 18050 N Dobbs Road and made contact with the owner’s, who confirmed that the property was entered without permission and items were stolen. Subject is still in custody.

On 02/21/2018, Officer Walker was dispatched to 312 S. Cedar from Oklahoma Dispatch in reference to an unattended death. Upon arrival to the above location, Officer Walker confirmed the address with Dispatch, could not make contact with anyone inside the residence, and then made entry through the front door by force. It was then learned that Dispatch had the wrong address, which the correct address was 312 N. Cedar. Contact was made with the reporting person, who advised that the victim, who was under Hospice care, had expired. In reference to the damage to 312 S. Cedar, contact was made with the owner, who was a contractor, that he will repair the door and get in touch with the Town of Luther in reference to the cost.

On 02/02/2018, Chief Randall observed a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner on Hwy 66. This vehicle was causing on-coming traffic to drive off the shoulder of the road to evade being struck. Chief Randall attempted to conduct a traffic stop, where the vehicle sped up and traveled east bound in the west bound lanes of travel losing control and striking a construction worker without stopping and crashed into a field, where the subject made good his escape.

On 03/03/2018, Officer Walker observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Upon stopping the vehicle, Officer Walker observed the strong odor of an unknown type of alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver. During the investigation, the driver advised Officer Walker that he had 4 or 5 12oz beers in a bottle. The driver was taken into custody where the driver refused to take the State’s Test.

Respectfully Submitted,

David Randall
Luther Police Department
Chief of Police

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