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The Town of Luther is hiring. There are openings for a part-time police officer, a contracted Town attorney and a full-time Court Clerk. Several simultaneous openings have the Town trying to get the word out to attract qualified applicants.

Click on the Town’s website page for details. Applications are being accepted through March 12.

Looking over the descriptions for each job provides insight into the workings of Town government, particularly with the Court Clerk vacancy that pays $12 – 14 per hour, full-time.


  • On a daily basis:
    • Answers questions related to court/citation via phone and in person
    • Receives all court/citation payments, including pulling the correct citation, providing receipt to payer, entering payment into Court computer program, completing citation jacket, filing in paid citation drawer and entering information into daily deposit system
    • Enters information into the ODIS system to remove warrants for paid citations and enter warrants for new citations
    • Receives payments for impounded vehicles
    • Updates as needed all information for citations
    • Updates as needed all information for warrants issued
    • Prepares any correspondence for court/citations
    • Enters and files all information for bonds
    • Files information in correct citations for order of releases
    • Maintains and updates bail bondsman certification
    • Prepares and mails juvenile letters with information on court appearance
    • Completes and verifies daily deposit for Municipal Court and helps Utility Clerk verify their daily deposit
    • Copies report and deposit slip for filing with court records
    • Updates and maintains all information for DPS
  • Prepares for Court
    • Sets up courtroom, including placement of time pay applications and display signs with instructions for time pay applications
    • Prints warrants for all citations on docket and prints docket
    • Faxes trial information to City Attorney
    • Creates sign in sheet
  • Responsibilities on Court Day
    • Sets up court signage, including parking for judge
    • Pulls citations as defendants sign in
    • Distributes citations to judge and/or city attorney as needed
    • Takes payments for defendants wanting to pay prior to court
    • Takes all payments and provides receipts after judge’s ruling
    • Files all time pay applications and other information in jackets
    • Completes court date cards for anyone returning to court
    • Pulls warrants for defendants that did not appear and has judge sign as needed
  • Responsibilities after Court Day
    • Sends all necessary judgments to DPS as needed via DPS website and notate date on citation jacket
    • Enters all information on court program, including changing court date (if needed), entering all pleas and all payments
    • Notates court information on citation jackets including new court date (if required), payment information and final judgment
    • Files all paid citations
    • Files all citations with new court dates based on new court date
    • Works with Police Department to complete FTA’s/FTC’s, enters into court program and gives to Police for contacting individuals
    • Prints individual reports for Police Department on amount owed
    • Enters new warrants on ODIS and provides warrant information to Police for contacting of individuals
    • Completes deposit slip with citation paid information, prints fines paid report, reconcile the two and forward deposit slip to  Town Treasurer for depositing at the bank
    • Prepares refunds for individual citations and forward to Town Treasurer for processing of payments
  • On a monthly basis:
    • Prepares all reports for CLEET and OSBI for penalty assessment fees
    • Coordinates with Police Chief to prepare a report for Trustees on fines paid and citations written
    • Keeps and maintains all record regarding Court and citations, including court records, citation records with jackets, judge’s notes for court, collection agency record (if collection agency used) and payment records.


The Town is also looking for  a new attorney following the resignation of attorney Ray Vincent. An “RFQ” has been circulated for interested municipal attorneys to reply. The position of Town Attorney is critical to guide the Trustees, who are citizen elected and not necessarily well-versed in the law or the intricacies of municipal government. Though it could be observed, that trustees are learning more with each passing month. Interested in the town attorney gig? Here are just a few of the qualifications the Town seeks.

A. General Representation
• Attendance at all regular meetings of the Town Trustees, currently the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.
• Consultation with Town Trustees via telephone and/or email during normal business hours.
• Preparation and review of ordinances and resolutions as required.
• Preparation and review of contracts and other documents prior to Town Trustee action.

B. Special Projects This category includes any unusually large projects defined as one that will require 20 hours or more of attorney time to handle.

C. Counsel and Litigation This category includes both pretrial and trial activities for all litigation filed by or against the Town of Luther. (In the event insurance covers defense of litigation filed against the Town, the rates for pretrial and trial activities will be mutually determined by the law firm and the insurance carrier.)

The Police Department also gets to hire a part-time officer. With the departure of Sgt. Mike Oliver from the department, the police department opted to use the available salary to hire a part-time officer at $10 hourly, and give raises to two officers with the balance. That meeting is Tuesday evening. The part-time position is touted to be able to relieve over-time hours of the rest of the force, as well as free up time for another officer to focus on code enforcement and animal control.

Qualifications for a part-time police officer are:

Must be an American Citizen and possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License
Must be at least 21 years of age
High school diploma or GED
Must be CLEET Certified
No felony convictions
No convictions for crimes of moral turpitude or domestic violence
Must not have had a DUI, DWI or reckless driving violation within last 5 years
Must pass through background check
Must pass fingerprint clearance
Must submit to the state mandated MMPI test
Part time paid position is for some evenings, nights and weekend shifts
Must be able to work 8 to 10 hour shifts
Must be able to complete our F.T.O program.
Have highly principles ethics and moral character
Have excellent communication skills Must be able to work in a small community

A volunteer opportunity also has developed with the expected resignation of Trustee Ron Henry, to serve the one year left on his term before the next general election. The four remaining Town Board members are expected to appoint someone within 60 days of accepting the resignation.

Title 11, Section 8-109 of the Oklahoma State Statutes“A. When a vacancy occurs in an office of an elected municipal official except the mayor, the governing body shall appoint, by a majority vote of the remaining members, a person to fill the vacancy until the next general municipal election, … Any vacancy shall then be filled at the next general municipal election or biennial town meeting by election of a person to complete the balance of any unexpired term.”


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