Sunday Morning Interview: stabbing update

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Thanks to Luther Police Chief David Randall who replied with an update on the search for the suspect who stabbed a Luther police officer on Thursday. Read the original story here.  The interview has been lightly edited for grammar and style.

LR: Can you assure the community about their safety?
Chief Randall: Luther Police Department and Oklahoma County have been working around the clock to ensure the Town of Luther is safe.

LR: Do you have update or specifics on the search for the suspect or his whereabouts?
Chief Randall: We have been following all leads that have been coming in and attempting to identify with Deputy Chief Class every tip that has come in. So far, no positive match yet.

LR: Is the last known location at Bowman’s Ranch?
Chief Randall: The last known area was the Bowman area. Oklahoma County and Luther Police have canvassed the area and have spoken with residents in hopes of identifying the subject, but we have not done so as of right now.

LR: Do you have a better suspect description.
Chief Randall: It is the same so far: White male, approximately 5’11” 160 lbs wearing dark clothing with a black hoodie.

LR: Do you know the suspect’s name?
Chief Randall: We do not at this time.

LR: Does he reside in Bowman’s?
Chief Randall: We do not know at this time.

LR: To verify, Bowman’s is OUTSIDE of Luther Town limits?
Chief Randall: Yes, it is.

LR: Do you have an update on Dep Chief Class. Is he recovering?
Chief Randall: Deputy Chief Class is recovering well. I expect him to return to work promptly.

LR: In your report, you said it occurred about 1:38 pm (on Thursday, December 13); do you have a time for the first responders that began the search?
Chief Randall: At 1:49pm first responders began to arrive on scene and a perimeter was started around 150th and Luther, 164th and Luther, 164th and Harrah, 150th and Harrah with point in between. K-9 was immediately notified as well as Air Support. K-9 arrived a short time later as well as Air 1.

LR: Given the ruralness of the scene for the copters and officers to get there, do you think the suspect had a good head start?
Chief Randall: Of course he did. If someone is not there with an officer, any time is a good head start.

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