The Shack & The Service Center Prevented T-Day Hunger

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The sign driving into Luther off of Hogback Road says that Luther is a “friendly town.” It also says it on the Town’s official website. On Thanksgiving Day, in a quiet way, this community showed it is a friendly and a caring town. The Luther Community Service Center and The Chicken Shack ensured about 220 neighbors had a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Most of us know about the Luther Community Service Center on Ash which provides food and other help to more than 150 families in Luther.

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According to its website: The Luther Community Service Center has been in operation for over twenty years due to support from area churches of Christ and the efforts of the late Ruby Stahl and her small army of volunteers.  Without the help of the services provided by the center, many families would not have enough food and other necessities to make it through the month.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, the Service Center gave food boxes filled with all of the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal to 136 families, according to minister Stephen Kearby. And on Thanksgiving day, nearly 200 hot meals were distributed to individuals, prepared by volunteers at the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

The Chicken Shack, located on Highway 66 just west of Luther Road, worked with local church and community leaders to identify six or seven families to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal.

Mark Maley and his family were among those serving the meal and he said it was a blessing to serve the community. “The Shack” served up a family-style spread featuring all of the best menu items including appetizers of smoked sirloin and a feast of broiler chickens, potato wedges, onion rings, baked beans and more.

Of special note, neither the Community Center nor The Chicken Shack publicized their good deeds. They just quietly do what they do. Luckily The Luther Register got the “scoop” to share with readers about those good deeds to propel us into the giving season.

Do you have another “scoop” about how your neighbors help each other?  Or do you have an idea of how a community could help a neighbor,  not just this time of year, but any time?

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  1. If you would have been here after the wildfire in 2012 you would not have believed all the help the town and the 30 families who lost their homes received. The entire parking lot of the Community Service Center was full of needed items. Being in Oklahoma county was not a good thing for us. The population in Oklahoma county is so high that 30 families were denied assistance from FEMA because of it. But the Catholic Charities and local churches, organizations, families and friends, and many others came to the rescue. Ruby Stahl and the Church of Christ were amazing at organizing assistance for us all. The church probably has some pictures if you are interested.

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