Road Rage on 66

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A road rage incident near Highway 66 between Harrah and Pottawatomie Road just before Noon on Saturday resulted in an accident, a fight and one driver going to jail.

Luther Police Sargeant Mike Oliver responded to the call around 11:45 am. He had been blocking thru traffic where the Luther Pecan Festival banner was being hung across Main Street at Ash.

Apparently, one driver in a pickup pulled over to let another pickup pass. However, the pickup then apparently started tailing the other pickup and ramming it until the front bumper hooked to the hitch of the other pickup. This was in the midst of the ongoing road construction.

The tangled vehicles eventually stopped near County Line Road and 66. The drivers started fistfighting when Sgt. Oliver arrived to diffuse the situation.

Sgt. Oliver said the angry driver was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence, possibly fumes from paint thinner.

The other driver was not cited. Lincoln County and Wellston authorities also responded as well as an Oklahoma County Sheriff Deputy who transported the suspect to jail.

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