WEEK 9: Win at Meeker

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Dispatch from the Lion Reporter’s Life. Sometimes just getting there is the hardest part of doing a story. Enjoy this write-up of Friday night’s Meeker game and remember Sydney does this for her community and love of football! If you enjoy local news, specifically “news for our town,” via The Luther Register, make a donation to continue our work, using the PayPal button on this page. Or ask about sponsorships and advertising.

Story and pictures by Sydney Scheer.

Luther Lions traveled to Meeker on Friday night. If you follow @lion_reporter on Twitter, and if you saw me running down the sideline with bags in tote, you know that I made it to the game after kickoff, and after Luther’s first scoring drive. There were nearly 4 minutes off the clock when I arrived. And the score was 8-0. Whew.

The reason I was late was almost entirely my fault. However, I also received calls to bring some forgotten items for the team. It happens. We always forget something but when you know someone who is in the right place at the right time: BINGO, they save the day. Enough about me. I was late. End of story.

With an 8-0 score upon entering the gate, I thought, “Interesting.” So I got bundled for the winter-like weather, like all the other spectators in the stands and headed for the action. After the first touchdown and 2 point conversion, there was an interception by 24 Dakota Pridemore with 1:30 to go before the 2nd quarter. With 18 seconds before the 2nd quarter, 4 Tyler Becker ran about 25 yards for the touchdown from 10 Peyton Wilson. 14-0 at the end of the 1st quarter, Luther on top.

Second quarter, 5:40 on the clock, and Pridemore scored from  Wilson on the possession just about a minute after 2 Landen Krueger blocked the Bulldog’s punt, and 11 Jace Wilson recovered the football. Lions end the 2nd quarter at halftime with a 20-0 lead over the Meeker Bulldogs. Time for hot cocoa. ‘Twas a cold night.

Second half, Luther scored at 9:11 minutes by 26 Josh Butler for a touchdown with 1 Coleman Stastny completing the 2 point conversion, making it 28-0. On the kickoff, Butler booted the ball into the end zone, and the Bulldogs caught and tried to run. However, they got trapped, and 4 Tyler Becker tackled the Bulldog for 2 points with a Lion Safety! 30-0, 9:02 remained in the 3rd quarter. Then, Butler reached the ball over the goal line for yet another touchdown. The 2 point was no good, and 7:15 minutes remained in the 3rd quarter, and the score 36-0. With just 2:29 minutes to play in the 3rd, 3 Bryce Pearson snagged himself an interception in the Bulldog red zone to put Luther on offense and ending the 3rd quarter, Lions up 36-0.

Just barely 10 seconds ran off the clock starting the 4th quarter, and P Wilson completed a pass to 84 Jordan Downs for 6 more, and 7 Jose Velasco kicked the field goal. GOOD. That made the score 43-0, with 11:48 minutes to play to finish the game.

Luther ran the clock out for the rest of the quarter, and Lions won week 9, making their season 8-1. Luther will play Northeast High School on Douglass High School’s field on Thursday night, November 2. Come support #mytown for the last regular season game.

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