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The Luther Town Board offered the job of Police Chief to David Randall at Tuesday’s Special Meeting.

The selection came after a final round of interviews with four applicants; and forty minutes of discussion in executive session by the four member board. Trustee Ron Henry did not attend.

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David Randall, 46, currently is a Lieutenant with the Department of Defense at Tinker Force Base and lives with his family in Edmond. He has twenty years law enforcement experience that includes narcotics agent, patrol division, criminal investigations, federal inmate transport and federal law enforcement. 

Reserve Officer Brett Conner, Officers Justin Blackwell, Tony Walker, Lt. David Randall (hired LPD Police Chief) and Sgt. Mike Oliver.

Randall moved to Oklahoma following Hurricane Katrina. Back then he told his family his dream was to be a Chief of Police of a small town. “I saw the need, and it rekindled my dream,” he said of the opportunity in Luther.  

“I am an energetic and dependable law enforcement professional. I believe in what I do, and hold true the oath I’ve taken many years ago. I have the moxie to bridge the gap between the community and the town’s leadership to bring the trust back. To bring the pride in the department back. I am the one to make the department what it is supposed to be. To serve and protect the great people of Luther with honor and dependability and pride,” said Lt. Randall.

Employment details will be worked out before Randall officially begins leading LPD. Mayor Jenni White said the four applicants were all very well-qualified and the decision was “amazingly hard.”

Town Manager Scherrie Pidcock, Sgt. Oliver and soon-to-be Chief Randall prepare employment paperwork.

In other action at the Special Meeting, the Board appointed Scherrie Pidcock as Town Manager. She was hired last April by the previous Town Board as “office coordinator.” The details of the new role are expected to be communicated soon. As for a raise that was indicated on the meeting agenda, that too presumably will be taken up by the board at its October 28 Planning Meeting.

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  1. So, is this a position that if at some point Mrs. Pidcock vacates will be filled at the same pay rate? Regardless of past work experience? I can tell you that OKC Court Clerk’s do not make that much money and they have much more responsibilities.

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