Bison Blinds

by Sydney Scheer

The Luther Lions have a momentum-building win from last week to push toward this week’s big game against Millwood.

Last Friday, the Lions were away in Del City to play the Christian Heritage Crusaders. It was a game to go see.

The first half was plain nasty. Nasty in terms of Luther football. Luther allowed CHA 20 points to Luther’s measly eight points on the scoreboard, and those didn’t accumulate until late in the second quarter. Actually, with just a minute and change before halftime, #26 Josh Butler scored after #22 Jesse Cole and #84 Jordan Downs completed huge offensive yardage gains from Quarterback #10 Peyton Wilson. The two-point conversion was good by #24 Dakota Pridemore, and Luther had found their mojo to enter halftime. With Luther down, 8-20, and CHA hosting senior night festivities during halftime, Luther headed to the locker room while CHA’s team sat on the field to honor their seniors.

Okay, so that was the start of Luther’s comeback to start the second half of the ballgame! Not too long into the third quarter, Pridemore found his mojo to score eight points with his own touchdown and two-point conversion. That was a huge #TEMPO setter. Over a minute after Luther scored, right after kickoff, Cole caught a PICK 6, and Luther gained some points. The two-point was completed by Pridemore, and Luther was now on TOP, 24-20. And then another domino effect, another kickoff, and #9 Corviel Peevy recovered the fumble on the kickoff and it was Luther’s ball with about 7 minutes remaining in the third quarter. You should have heard the excitement in Luther football territory! On that same offensive possession, #4 Tyler Becker scored for six more from Wilson, and Butler had to fight over the goal line plane for the two-point completion. It was 32-20, Luther on top, and a whole lot more football to play.

To feed off the offense success, and the only reason holding the CHA Crusaders to their 20 points, Lion Defense pushed a huge stop to the CHA offense with a Quarterback SACK by 54 Noah Bachhofer. Now, three minutes until the 4th quarter. Not long after, Luther sideline had their #foursUP to transition to the 4th quarter. With just under seven minutes to play, Pridemore gained another eight points after his touchdown and two-point conversion completion. It was 40-20, and there were no more score changes for the remainder of regulation. As the clock ran down to 00:00, Cole went out with a bang and a Quarterback Sack for himself. LIONS WIN! They are 7-0 in season, and 3-0 in district play. lists the Luther v Millwood as #3 on its Top Ten high school games of the week.

Millwood Falcons travel to Luther High School Thursday, October 19th for the Fall Break matchup. Both teams are undefeated with ranking Millwood #1 and Luther #6.

Listen for the Friday Night Recap podcast with Scott Mitchell and Coach Zach Smith later this week.


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