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On the road again

Meet Gypsy and Old Gray Mare. They are the team leading Ray and Juanita Hascell on an adventure. The Hascells of Tecumseh have been married 50 years so Ray joked this was their “second honeymoon” when they stopped for a refresher on the side of 66 and Luther Road in front of Couch Pecans Wednesday afternoon.

They’re headed to see friends in Wheeler, Texas, and they are taking a month to make the round trip journey, or as long as it takes, at an easy pace for the horses and to talk to curious folks along the way enchanted by and envious of the adventure.

Luther Pecan Festival Luther Pecan Festival

Good-natured and relaxed, the horses and the Hascells, allowed pictures and answered questions until it was time to giddyup.

The custom wagon has lights on the back to alert coming motorists of the slower pace. They have everything they need for the ride in their pre-cursor to a motorhome. They planned to camp at Arcadia and then trot on down the road, along the Mother Road.

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