Week Five: for the WIN and teacher appreciation

Bison Blinds

It was Teacher Appreciation Night at Wilson Field before the big Lion trouncing of the Crooked Oak Ruf-Nex.

Before Friday night’s kick-off, each senior brought a favorite teacher on the field for recognition and thanks. It was sweet to hear the players’ remarks for their respective teachers over the speakers at Wilson Field. Luther loves our teachers!

For the game, the Luther Lions won their second district game of the season running up a 5-0 winning streak, as they enter a bye-week.

Crooked Oak’s offense was held to just six points for the whole game. For the home team, the score board lit up just a few minutes into the first quarter, as the numbers ran up to a total of 70.   A few defensive turnovers allowed for more offensive possessions.

The Friday night highlight reel could be simply of just the second quarter. As a matter of fact, in the time it took to run thirty-seconds off the clock, Luther scored a touchdown (22 Jesse Cole), a 2-point conversion (4 Tyler Becker), kicked off, recovered a fumble for a 1st & Goal (26 Josh Butler), and scored (55 Chance Pridemore) with another complete 2-point conversion (12 Drew Scheer). Fast forward just one more minute, with a pick-6 interception (11 Jace Wilson) and another complete 2-point conversion (Scheer). After the pick-6, J Wilson was on fire. He sacked the quarterback in the backfield which created a fumble which was then recovered by Luther’s own 54 Noah Bachhofer. With under five minutes in the first half to go, there was another touchdown (Becker), a 2-point conversion (Scheer). Then, Crooked Oak put six points on the scoreboard, but Luther threw another touchdown pass (84 Jordan Downs) and the completed 2-point conversion (Cole). And, going out of the 2nd quarter with a bang, there was a huge defensive turnover by 56 Blake Christy. The Lions entered half-time, with a 62-6 score.

The second half of the ballgame was much slower than the first. More players got to see the field as they rotated with the great kids on the sideline. It remained a score-less ballgame during the 3rd quarter, but in the 4th quarter, we saw a touchdown for six more (5 Eddie Velasco) and a completed 2-point conversion made eight more points (41 William Northcut).

To finish the 4th quarter, 5 Eddie Velasco recovered a fumble, then it was lights out for the Ruf-Nex: BALLGAME.

Lions won 70-6, making them 2-0 in district, and 5-0 in regular season play. Luther’s starting quarterback (10 Peyton Wilson) threw for SEVEN touchdowns before half-time, running up the sophomore’s impressive five game record to a total of 22 touchdown passes. Utility player (Scheer) threw one touchdown, four complete 2-point conversions, and ran 4 complete 2-point conversions.

This week, Friday, September 29th, is a BYE-WEEK for Luther. No ballgame, however, a Powderpuff Football Game is scheduled. The date could be in the works to move from Wednesday 4pm, to Friday. Check with your Luther High School students for the updates.

It’s a great day to be a Luther Lion!


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