Forty-One Apply for Luther Police Chief

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The Luther Board of Trustees has stopped collecting resumes for the open position of Luther Police Chief. Forty resumes were received as of the close of the filing period on Wednesday, and one more was found Thursday in an email spam folder, town officials said.

The Board is expected to pick their top eight resumes of qualified candidates to bring to a meeting on September 28, when a Special Meeting and executive session is expected  to be announced as part of the regularly monthly planning meeting.

The vacancy occurred last month when former Chief Marcus Thurman resigned. He has since been hired in Davenport, and in Luther, Deputy Chief Mike Class is serving as interim police chief with a police force of five officers.

Regarding short staffing, Luther Town Trustee and police department liaison Paxton Cavin said any and all safety needs and police business is expected to be addressed by the officer who is working at that time.

“The Board of Trustees expects the Police Department to make the safety of Luther a priority, and our officers already do that on a daily basis,” she said.

The needs of the department were highlighted at Tuesday’s meeting through several agenda items that ranged from a lack of ammunition for training and patrol, a need for technology upgrades and serious repair needs of patrol cars. Cavin said she has been concerned by the amount of needs that the department has but she has also been impressed “with the hardworking officers that make up the Luther Police Department.”

“These officers work tirelessly to ensure the safety of this community using the (sometimes) limited resources they have been given by past Boards of Trustees. I have full confidence in this department and have enjoyed working with them to make sure that the current Board of Trustees is able to meet the needs of those who keep this town safe,” she said.

In related news, the board also passed an increased technology fee of $15 on fines and to assess state fees to those paying fines that the Town had been absorbing. The town’s website has an updated schedule of fines. Most noteworthy, the board voted to double the fine for speeding in a school zone from $200 to $400 effective immediately. All other fines will be capped at $750 plus fees. Visit the town website for more information. 

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    People & businesses have avoided Luther for decades because of this but when one’s salary is dependent on the citations one issues, justice is no longer paramount. The almighty dollar is & honestly who wants to start a business in that environment?

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