Shooting in Luther

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The sound of gunfire interrupted an otherwise quiet Luther evening on Wednesday. Apparently no one was hurt in what appears to be a shooting attempt involving a group of young men. Luther Police Department reports that just after 8pm, a call was received of shots fired near the First Baptist Church.

There were no victims and no alleged shooters at the scene when Officer Tony Walker got to Cedar between First and Second Street. Waiting outside for the kids to get out of Wednesday night youth group at church were several eye witnesses including Amy Maley.

“I was standing outside of the church when it all went down,” she told The Luther Register.

She said three suspects, described as black males, got out of a black Cadillac sedan. She said she saw them chase some other guys toward the church gym.

“Then there was yelling and then two shots fired in the air and the three guys ran back to the caddy, jumped in and sped away. I was paying attention to them because the car with the other guys flew around the corner and accelerated hard. Then the caddy came from the other direction, ran the stop sign and did a U-turn in the intersection,” said Maley.

Officer Walker said he recovered two casings at the scene.

The investigation continues. One of the victims is known around town, but is not being identified at this time. Just last night at the Town Board of Trustees meeting, the board approved purchasing more ammo and a rifle policy to augment the department’s public safety. Twenty-four hours later, there was a shooting in town, the first shooting of the year in town limits (however, the police used no weapons in this incident).

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