Week Three: BIG LION WIN

Bison Blinds

by Sydney Scheer

The dust will settle for a while after the Lions took home a redemptive two-point win over the Prague Red Devils. This away game was exciting. The visitor side of the bleachers held our town as the Lion Pride cheered the team to victory. Fans were all over the bleachers, along the fences, and everywhere in between. Cow bells clanged, cheerleaders kept the spirit going, and the football players were heard all the hype.

This game was a nail biter. Luther got an early start to jump ahead, and Prague trailed for quite some time. Until the second quarter when Prague gained on Luther and by half-time, were just down by 11 points. The Lions had a 27-6 lead before the Red Devils gained points back. Half-time score had the Lions up, 33-22.

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During the third quarter, the Red Devils gained another touchdown, and the score was 33-30. From that time on, it was a ball game to see! Luther responded with a quarterback keeper touchdown, and led 39-30. Then Prague scored early in the fourth quarter to trail Luther with just a two-point deficit. From then on, it was a battle of the Lion defense to keep Prague from running the ball up the gut to gain points. But, they managed, and nobody scored the last nine minutes of regulation.

Throughout the game, Luther’s defense looked great. Prague has a tough offense, with the help from their outstanding running back. As stated in the Friday Night Review podcast with Scott Mitchell of Mitchell Talks, Coach Smith predicted the game would be a battle. And that it was. Defensive players helped to secure the win, down to the last three seconds of the game. Huge stops throughout the game were completed by so many players of the defense doing their jobs to keep the scoring within reach. However, the Lion offense, led by Sophomore Peyton Wilson, #10, bounced back. Completed passes and smooth handoffs to players on fire, like #1 Cole Stastny, #24 Dakota Pridemore, #25 Reed Wilson, #22 Jesse Cole, #26 Josh Butler, #84 Jordan Downs, #12 Drew Scheer, who made plays and lit the score board. We also saw #7 Jose Velasco kick a field goal.

In the last two minutes, tensions were high and the Lions were on defense. As Prague was down by 2 points, they were near first and goal. Luther defense and the offensive/defensive penalties pushed the Red Devils back ten yards inside the red zone on third down. On the fourth down, ten seconds to go, on defense, #3 Bryce Pearson intercepted the pass to the Red Devils in the end zone, and then the seconds ran out. Ballgame. Lions won by two in a super fun, nail biting, loud game for an awesome September evening.

Next week, the Luther Lions host the Chandler Lions for Luther’s Senior Homecoming. Bring your school spirit and come cheer for the lions in RED & BLACK!

Look for the Friday Night Review with Coach Smith and Mitchell Talks.


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