The Lion Tree

Bison Blinds

If you stop into the bank lobby, you can’t help but notice the “Lion Tree” on the wall by where we fill out our deposit slips. It’s an effort to bless the teachers at Luther Public Schools by choosing a card that has a teacher’s wish list.

Scientific calculators for Ms. Grogan; construction paper for Ms. Winters; and, “dissecting specimens” for Mr. Agan. Someone needs to check in with him on the specifics of that. But it’s probably safe to say that he doesn’t mean roadkill.

To participate,  stop in the bank, choose a teacher’s card off of the wall and purchase the item(s) on the card. Then bring your purchases back to the bank for a big delivery to the school.

The effort was organized by Mrs. Fesler. She’d seen it elsewhere and thought it was an easy way for the public to get involved in helping the teachers in our cash-strapped school. Sixty cards were filled out – most list a few simple items while some requests demonstrate the needs at school, such as Coach Schwarz’s double-sided card asking for all types of equipment for gym class. Maybe a group of friends or coworkers could go in on that one. It sounds fun to shop for wiffle balls and jump ropes. It might be fun to order some dissecting specimens as well. Mr. Agan, is it frogs?

We have until September 15 to grab our cards, buy our items and return them to the bank.

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