Week One: Win

Bison Blinds

by Sydney Scheer

Season Opener.

Pridemore with the ball.

The Luther Lions couldn’t have asked for a better day to travel for a season opener. Back home, a downpour followed showers in the early afternoon, but the rain held off in the Shawnee area for Luther to play at Bethel High School  Friday night. The field was in great condition for an August opener. The temperatures were fairly cool, but humid. What’s football without the sweat? Oh, I guess the cold, but let’s not go there yet.

The Bethel Wildcats scored first to get the movement on the scoreboard. However, the Lion offense came back with 54 unanswered points through the fourth quarter, led by sophomore quarterback #10 Peyton Wilson with four, count ’em FOUR touchdowns. Starting the fourth quarter, the score was 60-6 in favor of the Lions. Then, the Wildcats scored 20 more points for the final score of 60-26.

From the offensive scoring for Luther’s points, we must also recognize the defense and their huge stops of the Wildcat offense. Our defense also had two huge fumble recoveries by #11 Jace Wilson, a senior, who had the recovery of an approximate 60 yard touchdown run of a “scoop and score.” Talk about an exciting play!

Play makers are a key part of the tempo and atmosphere of the game. Josh Butler, #26, showed a great block for #24 Dakota Pridemore to push through the swing-gate two-point conversion after #84 Jordan Downs scored the touchdown. Tyler Becker, #4, ran an intense kick off return ball to help the offense to midfield early in the game when they took over offense. The two fumbles by #11 Jace Wilson made the crowd go wild. #7 Jose Velasco, a senior, kicked a few good field goals. Cole Stastny, #1, a sophomore, had opportunities to run the ball all over the field. He even snagged himself a touchdown. Jesse Cole, #22, a senior, shows his talent on offense and defense. Cole had two conversions and a touchdown. After halftime, majority of the varsity players were replaced with junior varsity players. Drew Scheer, #12, a freshman, was placed in the quarterback position, where he ran himself a quarterback keeper touchdown after an approximate 20 yard run. We saw movement by #32 Tony Hernandez, a junior, on both offense and defense.

As you can see, many players are a key part of the game. Let’s not forget the linemen who block for the quarterback to complete these passes and handoffs. Overall, the team looked like a team on opening night. Lots of teammates were involved in the victory for week one versus the Bethel Wildcats. It was a fun game, and we are ready for week two!

Speaking of Game 2, it’s this Friday night. Home against Wellston. It’s also Hall of Fame night. Kick-off is at 7pm.


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