A Blessing for Luther Elementary

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Students and teachers quite often need things that their parents or the school system canot provide This donation, although not as large as it needs to be, is for those students or teachers who might need a little assistance.”

How about that? Luther Elementary Principal Sheila Wilson received this anonymous letter and gift in the office today. Imagine the surprise when she opened it and saw this.

The note says the donation is made in memory of Lavina Bostwick who was a teacher at nearby White Rock school for 35 years. The note also said Ms. Bostwick loved children most of all and teaching them to learn and care for each other.

Records show Mrs. Bostwick passed away just a year ago, and was a treasure in her community.

Mrs. Wilson said the gift was delivered by a local pastor on behalf of the anonymous donor. “What a blessing today on the first day of school! We ended our faculty meeting yesterday, hand in hand, with our art teacher, Shari Henderson, asking for prayers for each of us, our children, and school.  God sure worked quickly on this one.

“Many thanks and blessings to this anonymous donor.  Rest assured, it will be put to good use and will be used exactly as requested, for those in need,” she said. The Luther teachers do a variety of activities throughout the year to bless the students, including a shoe drive at Christmas time.
It’s a great day to be a Luther Lion.

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