Police Chief’s Job on Meeting Agenda

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There’s no getting any comment from the Town Board, or from the Luther Police Department, but a surprise Special Meeting was posted Tuesday afternoon. The employment of the police chief and the patrol division chief is on the agenda.

There’s no comment from the powers that be because the action involves “personnel” matters. But speculation? Is Chief Thurman’s job on the line? Is Sgt. Oliver on tap to become the new chief, or interim chief? The meeting is Thursday night. The Luther Register plans to cover the meeting, and will FB Live the portion of the meeting open to the public

It’s not the first time Police Chief Marcus Thurman’s employment has been the topic of an executive session. There was his raise last December. And a disciplinary action in December 2015.  Earlier this summer, an Executive Session and vote from the board resulted in new duties for the chief, including office hours and clocking in while on duty and clocking out when off duty.

The police department has six officers. The Town’s new website lists many accolades toward the police department, including this one praising Chief Thurman.

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