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It’s the morning after. A new day brought fresh pain for many in our community as we remember the terrible apparent accidental death of a baby at Apple Creek Learning Center less than 24 hours ago.

A couple of takeaways, one negative and some positive.

  • Stay away from the comments. While comments on the Luther Register’s and Luther Fire Departments FB posts and stories have been, for the most part, compassionate, empathetic and graceful (thank you! We have the BEST readers and neighbors anywhere), some comments on other posts from Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and the big media have been the opposite. Brutal. And that’s all I’m going to say about that right now, except that there’s power in local news when the things we read and write about hit so close to home, we mind our manners. Okay, one more thing. I don’t know the family, but many of you do. The ones who need to know already know, and I don’t even necessarily need to post the names of the family, except to help us fill in the blanks of our prayers, and offer support.
  • Support. Through tears and grief, a community is coming together in prayer and with ideas to prevent another tragedy. Folks have ideas about monitors on baby seats to help us through the chaos of our busy lives balancing life and work. Remember Grandma had custody of this sweet one; think there’s some underlying issues going on, and grandma had too much on her plate? Other ideas are to address that problem. Can we, as neighbors, support each other more? Meals, babysitting, diapers or just a listening ear. In Luther, there are many angel families who are foster parents (individual families and places like Anna’s House). They need support too, but the question and the dilemma of our times is, WHY so much increasing need for foster care and custody issues? It’s easy to make a cruel comment on Facebook. It’s hard to go to battle on this issue whether root problems are substance use, abuse, mental health, etc. And aren’t we supposed to do the hard things?


And the morning after such a tragedy, we are reminded that life goes on. To change gears, my calendar slapped me into reality when I saw that THIS SUNDAY night is the annual awesome Back to School Backpack Bash at Open Door Assembly of God.

This event slipped up on me because I’m always in DENIAL when it has to be back-to-school time (Already?! How could it be?). But I’m encouraged as I’m hearing the buzz from LPS teachers fired up for a new year, new energy for the softball team with their new coach, and all of the other fall activities. And this precious congregation, it’s no easy thing to put together backpacks and ALL of the school supplies. Plus they’re having prizes and games! Thank you Open Door for loving our kids. And kudos on your fun pallet signs around town.

The Luther Community Service Center  will have their backpack giveaway the next week. More about that later.

When is the first day of school for LPS? Everyone say it together: AUGUST 17.
Click here for the link to the school calendar.

Check out the school’s websites for your forms, information and other pertinent details for 2017-2018 (and give a shoutout to Jo Westermier for her handiwork on the school’s website).

I love this Town. #lutherlocal

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