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Have you seen them? Tucked on business windowsills, on park benches and other places meant to be found, little painted rocks signal that The Kindness Rocks Project has made it to our area.

The whimsical rocks were first spotted in Luther several days ago. Actually, they would be spotted, and then they would disappear from storefronts on Main Street. It created a bit of a mystery for those not quite up to speed on the latest craze. But as more rocks were spotted and someone found time to look it up on the internet (where you find out about everything, right?),  we learned this is a whole thing! And Luther is in on it.

tierneys hall
Tierney Westermier’s haul of rocks in Wellston and Luther.

The Kindness Rocks Project started on the East Coast “to inspire others as randomly placed rocks are placed along the way.” Those who stumble on a rock should be inspired to spread random acts of kindness.

It’s a twist on geo-caching and Pokemon-go;  but it’s low-tech, high-creativity and fun.

There are several Facebook groups for Rock painters, hiders and finders. Several Luther residents have joined the FB group, LCOK (Lincoln County, OK). Tammy Westermier and her daughter, Tierney, are having a blast finding the rocks, hiding them and posting clues. Tammy said it is a little addicting! Kindness and fun catches on.

Trandy Langston and her daughter, Brailey, have been rocking too; finding good hiding places around town.

Amanda Lyon, Kodi Lyon and Harlee Jones got very creative hiding rocks in plain sight; making a fun family activity that spreads joy.

Kodi Lyon and her Rock outside of Josephine’s Cafe.

Are you going to get in on the fun? Grab a rock and some paint and go find some kindness, and inspire someone else to do it too. You can find thekindnessrocksproject on Instagram for inspiration. Go to the LCOK Facebook page to see some more Luther faces; and look for a rock around town.

“One message at just the right moment can change someones entire day, outlook, life.” Make it a good one. #lutherlocal



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