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Next time you’re driving up Triple X Road toward Highway 66 from the turnpike, or maybe approaching Luther Road on 66, or maybe exiting the turnpike at the Luther/Jones exit, look for some new signs to guide the way to Luther.

Oklahoma County District One and the Town of Luther worked together to get the new signs posted. Cost to the Town?  Zero.

At 66 and Luther Road. The electronics on the EOC “Welcome to Luther” sign do not work.

Mayor Jenni White said she was thrilled with the signage and thanks County District One Superintendent Brian Jasper for expediting the request.

Although Luther is a small town, our Main Street is tucked away somewhat and can be hard to find for new visitors. That’s a critical issue for our downtown businesses who count on customers being able to find them, and when the maps on our phones might not distinguish when Hogback Road turns into Main Street. Anyone who has tried to direct a friend or visitor here who is unfamiliar with the area probably has an interesting way to explain it. “Turn south when you see Sonic, and turn right at the railroad tracks!” Or, “from the turnpike keep going until you see the (speed zone) and the football field.” The new sign now says 1.5 more miles to Luther.

On Triple X Road between 178th and Highway 66.

The signs are 18 x 24 inches, not big, but helpful. White said it took some time on the phone, emails and planning. She thanked Jasper and his colleagues for doing the work to make and install the signs. There will be eleven signs in all, she said.

“We’re putting Luther on the map,” she said on her official Facebook page.

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