LOUD but no problem at power plant

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Neighbors said the deafening noise went on for about three hours Monday evening over at the OGE Redbud Power Plant on Triple X Road north of Covell. The siren sounds of the steam blowoff bothered the nearby dogs and horses like July fireworks.

But there was no disaster. No injury. No harm.

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OGE company spokeswoman Kathleen O’Shea told The Luther Register  that there was a power trip at the plant. She explained it’s similar to a power blink in a home, but on a much bigger scale.

The steam let-off, described as deafening and worrisome by neighbors, was part of the safety mechanism, O’Shea explained.

She said plant personnel are troubleshooting what caused the electrical trip, but emphasized nothing is wrong and there is no damage. And there are no power outages as a result.

“It sounds a lot worse than what it is,” she said.

All is quiet now. Neighbors said they are used to hearing the steam let-off, but it usually occurs during the day, and isn’t as loud or as long as Monday evening’s episode.

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