Fireworks Row

Bison Blinds

It’s sure to be a big #lutherlocal day for Fireworks Row. Since June 20, two fireworks stands have been open and ready on either side of the Dollar General, facing Highway 66, east of Town to serve the public with all of their fireworks needs with smoke bombs, firecrackers and all of the other things that sparkle and go boom.

One is Mr. Agan’s stand, a fixture around town beginning about June 20 every year. This year, find him in front of Rock N Vapes (also open).

The LutherTouchdown Club is operating another stand just down the road to benefit the high school and middle school football teams.  #lionpride

Let’s call it Luther’s Fireworks Row.

Fireworks connoisseurs will note that each stand has a little different stock, so everyone should be sure to visit both spots.

Bring on the holiday weekend. But be careful. We’ll all meet at Wildhorse Park on Tuesday night for the fireworks show, sponsored by Luther First Bank & Trust and Rustic Farm. THANK YOU to Fire Chief Jason Miller and our favorite firefighters who will shoot the show come dark on July 4.

On the fourth, check out the few #lutherlocal businesses ready to serve you.
Sugar Shaker sno-cones
Chicken Shack
Dollar General

And Saturday, visit Rustic Farm, Urban 66, 116 Farmstead, Market & Table and Josephine’s Cafe. (closed on the fourth!). And don’t forget S&H Mercantile on first street. AND, Jarvis Liquor is open Saturday and Monday.

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