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The Luther First Bank & Trust Co., has made a $3,500 donation to the Town of Luther for the town’s “Adopt A Boom” project to fund a fireworks show on July 4, 2017. And before we could write up the news, word came that Rustic Farm is pitching in the other $200 to ensure the show will happen!

Leslie Fesler Holman, bank vice president, called Luther Mayor Jenni White Wednesday afternoon to offer the donation, and as the news spread along Main Street, Rustic Farm owners Pam & Jesse Simmons offered to pitch in the rest of the funding, according to the Town’s Facebook post. 

The $3,700 show will be sponsored by the Luther First Bank & Trust and Rustic Farm.

Although the Town traditionally fronts the cost for the show, the new board, elected earlier this year, noted that funding was not in the budget for the show and opted for the donations in efforts to monitor town expenses and emphasize fiscal accountability. Then the Adopt a Boom program was presented to the Town as a way to save the show. 

Before today’s generous donation from the bank and Rustic Farm, there were zero contributions from citizens to the Adopt A Boom program.

“The people of Luther have been great to the First Bank & Trust and this is a small way for them to give back to the Town,” said Holman. She said that she had seen some negative comments on Facebook about the Town not having the show and she knows many neighbors look forward to it.

She said the show brings a lot to the Town.

“I’m bowled over by the generosity of First Bank & Trust! I am certain the rest of the Board is as grateful as I am for the bank’s amazing gift of fireworks for the Town’s Independent Day celebration! We hope that everyone wanting a show next year will be willing to match the bank’s good will this year and donate NOW to provide for next year’s show. If every citizen would donate a few dollars here and there throughout the year, we will have a great show lined up for next Independence Day,” said Mayor White.

Get your chairs ready and get to Wildhorse Park at dark on the Fourth of July (the actual fourth on Tuesday night). And maybe bring a fireworks donation for next year?

APOLOGIES for no pictures in this story. It’s a plague of internet and computer woes. 


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