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The Town of Luther has one violation on its water “Consumer Confidence Report” from 2016, but the violation is because a test wasn’t done, not because of a found contamination.

Town Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Nelson said the test for “beta/photon emitters” wasn’t completed within the required time for the 2016 report so it was an automatic violation on the report.

However, he said the test will be done this summer. Nelson is new to the Town of Luther’s employment, and completed the required report before a July 1, 2017, deadline.

The “beta/photon emitter” is part of decay and man-made deposits, that “could” cause cancer for some who drink a lot of it over long periods of time, according to the report. There are no other violations in the report that tests the Town’s groundwater and delivery systems.

You can read the whole report here on the Town’s new website, and check back for the report on the “beta/photon emitters.”

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