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Roadwork on Highway 66

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Remember before the Oklahoma Legislature adjourned, and there was that flashing portable sign on the roadside on Highway 66 just east of town? You probably saw that sign that flashed something like “the road project was stalled because of a lack of state funding?”

Apparently the money was freed up, because there’s a work zone, uprooted trees and lots of activity on that stretch of road on 66 between about Dobbs and County Line Road.

Here are the particulars from ODOT spokeswoman Lisa Salim about the shoulder, bridge and resurface work:

SH-66 from 14.3 east of I-35 extending east for 2.37 miles which is just east of N. Dobbs Road to just east of North County Line Road at the Lincoln County Line.

Shoulder improvement and resurface

Help Wanted TSD Supply Co. Now Hiring

Includes replacement of an SD bridge

Cost: $4 million awarded March 2017  to Haskell Lemon Construction Company of Oklahoma City

150 calendar days


Cross Timbers Mulching
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