Moody eludes capture, family worried

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The family of one of the Lincoln County jail escapees is consumed with worry about his safety. Brian Moody, 23, is the last of the four inmates who escaped through a ventilation system on Monday who has not been found.

A manhunt continues.

Moody’s sister who prefers not to share her name said many of her family members’ phones have been pinged to try to find him. Much of Moody’s family lives in Luther.

“I hope he doesn’t get shot,” she said. The sister said her brother went astray as a young man and has been in trouble with the law since he was 15 years old, but she describes him as a non-violent offender who needs rehabilitation, not prison.

“He wanted to go to the lake with us one more time before he goes to prison forever,” she said from word she received through others since the escape. She has had no contact with her brother since his escape, she said.

The sister said after the last time Moody broke out of the Lincoln County Jail, he was put in solitary confinement for a month with no light.

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“All he wants to do is talk to his family, but the phone calls are outrageously expensive,” she said. A one-hour call to her brother could cost $200, she said.

Her frustration with her brother’s poor choices combined with problems in the “system,” put a name and a face on some of the issues of the state’s criminal justice system – from jail overcrowding and funding woes, to substance abuse and addiction. But right now, anxiety is high for Moody’s family as they hope the effort to capture him does not end in tragedy.

The sister said she agrees that murderers, sex offenders and other violent offenders should be locked up, but wishes that a different system could be used for those who need rehabilitation. Moody was released from prison in Lexington just about a year ago, and was back in jail less than a year later, she said.

His legal troubles involve larceny, burglary and possessing firearms, according to court records.

“He would never hurt anyone or go into anyone’s home. He will steal a car, or ATV or other, … but he would never hurt nobody,” she said.

According to news reports, three inmates who escaped through duct work (the same method Moody and a fellow inmate used in their March escape) were caught overnight near Fallis and Carney following a search that involved helicopters and a manhunt.

The search continues for Moody.

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