Revenue & Expenses, the Town Board presents some numbers

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The Luther Town Board will meet in a Special Meeting Thursday night, May 25, to consider a budget for the new fiscal year that begins July 1.

The board is proposing a $667,537 budget for next year, which gives the Town almost $55,000 more to spend than the current year that is wrapping up. The board is counting on that extra $55,000 to come from taxes. Interestingly, the Town is counting on taking in about $15,000 less in fines (tickets) and forfeitures.

The board has been holding public discussion meetings to put together the numbers since April. Those meetings are held the fourth Thursday of every month. The May 25 meeting will be held as a Special Meeting so action might be taken on the proposed budget, and some other items including a reimbursement to Police Chief Marcus Thurman for gasoline he purchased for his officers on the night of the storm when the power was knocked out (including to the Town’s fuel tanks).

By law, public entities must publish their proposed budget, call for a public hearing and the like through a printed publication. Did anyone see the Legal Notice of the Town Budget posted in The Oklahoman? As a side note, last year the Town paid the newspaper about $2,000 to comply with the law, but this year Office Coordinator Scherrie Pidcock discovered a huge cost savings by running the post only in our area, not statewide. She said the cost was just about $105.

The board will also hold a Special LPWA meeting. In addition to budget talk, they will consider hiring a new maintenance employee to fill an open position.

The public is invited to attend and make comments.

The meeting will be held Thursday, May 25, at 7pm at the Community Center, 18120 E Hogback Road. The Luther Register will broadcast the meeting  on FB Live.

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