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The Luther Town Board adopted a new policy for meetings. A unanimous vote by the new Board at its first meeting Tuesday night puts the new procedures into practice.

From submitting agenda items by the first of the month to publishing the agenda the Friday before a Tuesday meeting, the board says its new policies should aid in transparency and effectiveness.


  1. All agenda items shall be submitted from board members to the Clerk/Treasurer by the first of each month;
  2. Board members shall submit to the Clerk/Treasurer their agenda items via email:
  3. Agendas shall be published on the Friday before the Regular, Tuesday meeting
  4. All agendas shall be published outside of Town Hall, on the Town’s social media channels and distributed via the email distribution system (anyone can request to be on the distribution list).
  5. Prior to items being placed on the agenda, the item must include fiscal impact and corresponding line item in the budget;
  6. Agenda items that propose and expenditure that exceeds $500 should include multiple options or bids;
  7. All motions shall be in writing;
  8. Agenda drafts should be circulated to board members, town attorney, and email distribution list prior to posting;
  9. Only the town attorney may comment without recognition from the board, all others in attendance shall not interrupt board proceedings;
  10. Public comments shall be limited to two minutes before each agenda item;
  11. Each trustee shall have the opportunity to address the board and public during the designated trustee comments time, these comments shall be limited to one minute per trustee;
  12. The agendas shall conform to the sample agenda contained in these policies, which comply with ordinance 2-105.
  13. Policies shall be posted on the website and referenced in agendas.


In addition, the board has adjusted how it approves it’s “consent agenda.” Previously the board would bulk minutes, claims reports, treasurer’s report and police and fire department reports in one motion. The board Tuesday agreed to approves separately the minutes, treasurer’s report and claims. In addition, each trustee will be given a minute each to make comments.

Regarding citizen participation, the board agreed that citizens may address the board during open meetings on any matter on the agenda prior to the board taking action on the matter. If a citizen’s concern doesn’t relate to an agenda item, they may have two minutes to address the board in the “citizen’s participation” portion of the meeting by filling out a form and giving it to the mayor. The board will not discuss, act or make any decisions on matters presented in Citizens Participation.

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  1. Wow! If I had a Facebook account I would give the Luther Town Board five stars or as many “Likes” as I could (I’m not sure how that works, LOL) for their new policy concerning meetings. The Luther School Board can take a lesson from them.

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