Fireworks and budgets: it’s meeting week

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The Luther School Board and The Luther Town Board of Trustees have their meetings Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Each agenda is packed.
Read the school agenda here.
Read (part of) the town agenda here.

For the school board meeting Monday night, the first agenda item is a memorial acknowledgement of Dr. Sheldon L. Buxton, superintendent, who died on April 27. His memorial service was last week in Sallisaw. Later in the meeting, the board will consider the immediate appointment of Barry Gunn as the new superintendent. Gunn was hired earlier this year and was to officially take the reigns as on July 1, 2017.

As the last week of school, commencement exercises will be Tuesday, May 9, at 7:30 pm. Congratulations to all 50 LHS graduates!

While the seniors receive their diplomas, the Luther Town Board of Trustees will meet around the corner at the Community Center for its first “official” meeting since the April election. The board has met in public settings at least three times since the election to work on various items such as the budget.

Their 30 item agenda for Tuesday night is packed for the Town and LPWA. Highlights include choosing a mayor and vice mayor from among the trustees, changing the bank signatures from the former trustees to the new ones, and buying a new lawnmower for the town and fireworks for the Fourth of July. The board will also consider appointing Herbert Keith to the Town Planning Commission.

That Seventh Street issue is also returning. On the agenda is a request for the Town attorney to communicate with Oklahoma County Commissioner Willa Johnson about why a tinhorn hasn’t been placed on property owned by Trustee Ron Henry, and tin horn placement on the stretch of road connecting Main and Beech. It’s been a contentious issue with the previous board. 

Other agenda items call for getting the town ordinances straightened out, getting the bank building inspected for a possible property swap and also drawing names for each trustee to become liaisons to five Town areas of government: LPWA, Fire, Police, Planning & Zoning and Town Office.

The board also will consider declaring two properties in town, at 202 S Main and 207 S Main, as nuisances. If it passes, the owners will get a letter about a hearing on the property to be held on June 13.

Count on The Luther Register to broadcast both meetings on FB Live  (and also get highlights of commencement!).

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