Pridemore signs to play college football

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photos and story by Sydney Scheer

Chad Pridemore won the day Friday when he signed to play college football after his successful career as a Luther Lion.

Senior Chad Pridemore, who proudly wore the #12 and carried the varsity football team for three years, is moving on to become a Bacone College Warrior. Bacone is a four-year liberal arts college in Muskogee, one of Oklahoma’s oldest institutions of higher education. Chad had attended many college combines and practices, spent many hours practicing,  pursuing his goal and his passion. Hard work pays off. Pridemore, and his biggest fans gathered at Luther High School’s library on Friday for a signing ceremony to say, “Congratulations, hard work pays off,” as we gathered in the library to watch him sign his letter of intent to play ball.

As much of the town—and beyond—knows, I, Lion Reporter, was the LHS Football Manager for three years while I was in high school. Working as the manager, I got to witness the good, the bad, and the ugly of the football team. Chad was the leader and q-back who held much of the vibe and intensity of the game on his back. He was always the team player–great in communication with his teammates–ensuring that his teammates were in the game just as much as he was. Because, after all, they have to work as a team to complete the pass, which will eventually score a touchdown, and even win a game! But he also knew how to lighten the mood of the entire team, have fun, enjoy the game and soak up every moment of the time he could. Chad is also one of the most hard-working athletes I worked with while on the football sideline. I am so happy to see another one of “my boys,” one of whom I “watered and wiped of blood, sweat, and tears,” move to sports at the collegiate level. To Bacone, I, Luther Lion Reporter say, “Take care of one of mine!” Congrats, Chad! Luther is so proud of you! sweat, and tears,” move to sports at the collegiate level. To Bacone, I, Luther Lion Reporter say, “Take care of one of mine!” Congrats, Chad! Luther is so proud of you!

After Chad signed the line on Friday, we talked about the journey of becoming a college athlete. Chad had been searching and tirelessly digging for a place to play ball and go to school. He was attending college recruitment days, college combines, practices, and eventually concluded he had been positioned with a tough dilemma. He was not getting the offers he was wishing and working so hard for, so with less than two weeks until graduation, he was settling himself with the names of three different colleges. At any of these colleges, he still wanted to remain active, so he had decided he was going to try out for the baseball team, wherever he decided for school. I spoke with Chad for a few minutes after the LHS Library cleared about this journey.

“I don’t want to say that I gave up, but I was done. I had been looking for a place for so long without going anywhere that I was just tired, and realized I should just try out for baseball.” Just when the settlement of looking for academics only came into play, Chad received a text message from a coach from Bacone College. A big event in the life of the Luther Football quarterback’s life. He was offered a football position of quarterback, and, after going through scholarship admissions, received the Presidential Scholarship, which is granted to pay for 90 percent of his admissions over 4 years. It’s just amazing at what happens when it is the perfect time to occur. “It was the only thing I was offered, so I took it!” said Chad.

Chad was celebrated, for his achievements in athletics and academics. Many family members, parents of Chad’s teammates, the teammates themselves, the teachers, the coaches, and all teammates from sports year-round were packed into the library for the signing. There were plenty of hugs, photos and congratulatory advice.

Congratulations to all students and athletes on their successes as graduation approaches. High school graduation is Tuesday, May 9, at 7:30 pm in the Luther Auditorium.


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